K-9 Klips Grooming
Personalized Grooming Services For Your Pet
Veteran Owned And Operated
A Calm Grooming Environment

Unlike most  high volume grooming establishments I strive to
have your pet's grooming service complete within a 1 - 2 hour
window.  This is accomplished by focusing on one pet at a time
until the service is complete.  Through my years of grooming
experience I have found this is the most effective means of
preventing some forms of pet anxiety caused by separation as
well as eliminating a loud, "kennel" type environment in the
grooming shop that can be unnerving to certain types of pets.  

Tuesday - Saturday

Hours are set by scheduled appointments

All Services Are By Appointment
Pets are expected to be picked up at their service
completion time
K-9 Klips Grooming is now
Calming Nature Pet Grooming

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My focus groups are:

Pets that are accustomed to being professionally groomed
and respond well to the services provided

Pets that have a more nervous/anxious disposition but are
non-aggressive and are not overactive or over-reactive

Young pets between the ages of 4 months and 8 months
that have not developed unacceptable grooming shop

A pet whose behavior greatly improves when groomed in a
more organized, less chaotic or busy environment

K-9 Klips
108 3rd St SE
Yelm, Wa  98597

A current rabies
vaccination is required
for all pets receiving
services at K-9 Klips